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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the communities and projects that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on the Internet. Their efforts have been instrumental in distributing our free and open-source software.

The Fediverse

Our community distributes source code on the Fediverse.

The Fediverse is a federation of numerous independently hosted servers that connect various social media platforms. It enables seamless interactions across compatible platforms, encompassing social media services for blogging, photo sharing, and video sharing.

Discover the Fediverse with these resources:

  • Fediverse Info: A beginner-friendly introduction to the Fediverse.
  • FediDB: Visualized network statistics of the Fediverse.
  • Mastodon Documentation: Comprehensive documentation for Mastodon, a self-hosted social networking service similar to Twitter.
  • JoinFediverse Wiki: An informative encyclopedia for the Fediverse.
  • FediList: A simple website to explore instances on the Fediverse and facilitate discovery and connections.
  • The Federation: Indexed instances and statistics for the Fediverse.


Our community hosts source code on web services compatible with ForgeFed.

ForgeFed specifies an essential federation protocol for version control services, promoting collaboration and cooperation.

Explore ForgeFed and related projects:

  • ForgeFed: The canonical website to learn more about the benefits and workings of ForgeFed.
  • Gitea: A self-hosted Git service powering numerous instances across the Fediverse.
  • Forgejo: A soft fork of Gitea maintained by an inclusive community.


Our community releases source code under a copyleft license.

Copyleft is a legal technique that safeguards the freedom to copy and modify derivative works.

Discover the significance of copyleft through these resources:

Anna's Archive

Anna's Archive is a non-profit online shadow library metasearch engine that provides access to a curated collection of book resources managed by anonymous archivists. Anna's Archive keeps backups of popular shadow libraries like Sci-Hub, Library Genesis, and Z-Library.

The Internet Archive

Our community archives source code on the Internet Archive.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library that lends digital copies of books. Despite facing challenges related to copyright issues, they continue to fight for the rights of libraries to own and lend ebooks.

Learn more about their ongoing efforts through these articles:

Censorship Circumvention

Safely circumventing censorship is crucial in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion on the Internet.

Enhance your knowledge of safety measures for censorship circumvention with these resources:

  • Privacy Guides: A user-friendly guide promoting data security and privacy.
  • Mullvad Browser: A privacy-focused web browser developed in collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project.
  • Tor Browser: A web browser capable of accessing the Tor network.
  • Tails: A Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity.
  • Qubes OS: A Linux distribution that provides security through isolation.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity: An in-depth guide detailing online anonymity methods.

Net Neutrality

Upholding net neutrality is pivotal in nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion on the Internet. It ensures that broadband Internet access services do not impair or degrade lawful Internet traffic based on content, application, or service, subject to reasonable network management.

Learn more about net neutrality and its importance through these articles: